I’ll Help You Find & Close One Deal!

If you’ll split it 50 / 50
You Do The Leg-work

Profit-Sharing Coaching for Real Estate Investors

Say bye-bye to blood sucking gurus and Hello to a performance base mentoring system

What You’ll Get
(Here’s what it will do for you)

Comprehensive Coaching That Is Performance Based

Weekly coaching communication.  

We’ll meet 1 a week go over leads and evaluate deals…etx

On Demand Support

Need help? Just text me.

How to buy houses using Owner Financing, so no bank needed 

How to close the deal over the phone in your pajamas aka Virtual Wholesaling.

Communicating with sellers

How to meet with the sellers at their home and give them offer

How to structure the deals

Formulating the right offer to ensure you do not overpay for a property

How to give offers to profit big

How to negotiate with sellers

What questions to ask & how to negotiate price

How to Fund your deals without using hard money, private lender, and without using your credit cards

How to buy houses without using your own credit

Learn what clause to put in your contracts so you never have to close on a bad deal

Finding cash buyers to purchase your deals

Different exit strategy to profit

Getting the property under contract

Closings Paperwork & Procedures

Using contract “Escape Clauses” to minimize risk

Tips to  “Closing the Deal” and avoiding closing headache down the line

Title issues and how to avoid upfront before title company

Using an assignment and double closing

Understanding market cycles: when to get in and when to get out

Creating a personal action plan


Cash flow. Renters. Screening. Eviction. Rehab

Fix and Flip

The Numbers Contractors. Exiting. Hard Money Lenders. Private Lenders. OPM (Other people mortgage)


Find Deal. End-Cash Buyers. Title company….Etc

How to find HOT deals below market

Lead Generation Training for Free and Paid Marketing.

HOW IT WORKS: Profit-sharing


Become Our Next Success Story! 

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