SUBJECT TO REAL ESTATE – Seller Financing Case Study
SUBJECT TO REAL ESTATE – Seller Financing Case Study

SUBJECT TO REAL ESTATE - Seller Financing Case Study

Discover how I bought a seller financing real estate property from a Motivated home owner with subject to investing (aka “Taking Over House Payments”)

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 And How to flip houses with no money and bad credit and how much can you make flipping houses. 

Plus how to find subject to properties and win as real estate investor.

The house was not behind on payments as the home owner was current on her Mortgage payments.  Plus the house was in amazing shape as it need zero work to live in.   Normal I don’t buy duplex properties, however one of my real estate students had brought me this deal so I bought it form her to help her out and it was “win-win-win-win” for her, the seller, and me.    


The way I negotiated the seller financing with the home owner was for me to buy her house without paying off the exiting underline Mortgage.  In other words, the home owner conveyed the deed of the property into my name and I promise to make her monthly payments WITHOUT PAYING OFF HER existing Mortgage. 

I love buying owner financing real estate property with subject to investing creative strategy.   

In this video I will share with you my exit plan to flip this house.

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