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How to Negotiate Seller 
Financing and Subject To and Give Seller Financing  Offers to Home Sellers to Buy Houses with Owner Financing or at a Deep Discount 

Let’s Eat Cake – How You Make a Profit Without Banks, Interest Fees, or Headaches

You know how they say you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well, look at me. I have my cake and I am chowing down on it as we speak.

It’s a weird saying, isn’t it? Basically, it means that you can’t have things both ways. You can’t physically eat your cake and still have your cake as it was. Most real estate investors think that they can either get a good deal and a so-so profit or make a good profit but miss out on the deals.

They think they can’t have their cake and eat it too.

The saying has been around since the 1500s so it’s an oldie but a goodie. I’m not sure if there were real estate investors back then but if there were, I’m sure they didn’t handle things like we do now. I think they used chickens to buy houses back then. But anyway, I’m here to tell you that…

You CAN have deals AND profit!

Don’t be a real estate investor that makes deals but no profit.

Don’t be a real estate investor that makes a profit but no deals.

Let me show you how to do BOTH at the SAME TIME so you SAVE money and MAKE money.

Crazy concept, right? I love me some crazy!

Here’s How We’re Gonna Do This 
with Seller Financing Negotiation Course

If you’re serious about Seller Financing and Subject To real estate investing, you’ve probably watched a free webinar or gone to a speaking convention at a local hotel that promised you the secrets of the trade. You sat there, pen and notebook in hand, ready to learn how to become a millionaire overnight thanks to real estate investing. You were taught the linguistics of closing a deal, but here’s where you were let down. No one taught you how to make sure you came out on top on both sides of a transaction! 

It’s great that you learned how to buy homes at a crazy steep discount. 60 cents on the dollar? Sign me up! But here’s the thing. Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. These types of deals aren’t everywhere and when you do find a potential killer deal, the fact is that most home owners just aren’t willing to sell at that low of a discount.

That’s where I come in.

My NO FLUFF Seller Financing Negotiation Acquisition System will show you not just how to get a real estate property/deal, but how to still make a profit during your exit strategy.

What good is a sale if you don’t need the item? You don’t need a house that isn’t going to make you profit, no matter how great the house is. Let’s get that straight right away.

My NO FLUFF Subject To Real Estate Investing Negotiation Acquisition System shows you not only how to get the deals but how to structure a negotiation that provides you with owner financing. Owner financing is when you finance the purchase through the seller. It’s also known as creative financing. 

Creative is just another word for unique. Not everyone’s doing this, which is why it can propel you to the top of the industry. You’ll have the opportunity to close six out of every 10 deals you come across with my proven method! When you structure your negotiation and financing my way, you’ll get the deal and the profit you deserve.

You’ll learn how to create notes and come into a transaction with different options other than cash or a bank loan. The owner will carry the note for you. Pretty neat, huh? You’ll save time, interest fees, and frustration.

This Sounds Too Good to Be True 
Financing Negotiation Course)

I know. That’s why I freaking love it. At one point, sharing information on a tiny screen in your living room seemed too good to be true. But we’re all wasting our lives in our living rooms on our smartphones every night. So yes, the seemingly impossible does happen.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll be learning in my course. Remember that there are 15 videos (plus a sweet bonus video) so there’s a ton of information included. But I like to share, so here ya go.

  • How to buy homes at crazy discounts. I mean CRAZY! Buy a home for almost half of its value. And the seller will be happy about it!
  • Tell the bank to shove it! You don’t need no stinking bank. Let me show you how.
  • Make a killer profit! Some investors get deals because they’re buying crap homes. I’ll show you how to turn that turd home into a diamond and fill up your bank account.

I’ll also go over some psychological negotiation tactics I use. Learn my Super-Hero closing approach, my Emotional Closing approach, my Logical Closing approach, my Deadbeat Closing approach, and finally, my American Dream approach. The sellers won’t know what hit them as you convince them to sell their home at a crazy discount AND handle the financing for you.

Let Me Bust Some Myths

I also address two myths in my NO FLUFF Seller Financing/Subject to/Owner Financing/ Seller Carry Negotiation Acquisition System. I hear these all the time from colleagues and students and they drive me freaking nuts. I know these myths are holding so many investors back because they’re being misled by untrue popular beliefs. Drumroll please…..


Nope. You don’t. Banks suck. The only person a bank loan helps is the lender. It doesn’t do sh*t for you. 

It’s like you asking someone out on a date, having them accept, and then tell you everything you’re going to do. They pick the most expensive restaurant, get the most expensive item on the menu, have you take them shopping for $800 jeans, buy them a puppy, give their grandma a sponge bath, and then send you home with nothing. Not a thank you, not a plan for a second date, not even a kiss on the cheek. 

You feel used. You feel dirty. You feel sad. 

I don’t want you to feel sad. That’s why it’s so important for you to understand that you don’t need a bank! And in my NO FLUFF Subject To Real Estate Investing Negotiation Acquisition System, I’ll show you exactly how to secure funding in other ways. And if you do royally mess up and default on your loan, my funding options protect your credit.

Imagine not having your funding show up on a credit report. Check.

Imagine not having to pay interest on your loan. Check.

Imagine not spending a beautiful day inside a bank waiting for them to determine your future. Check.

Are you seeing yet how this course pays for itself about a bajillion times over yet?

And while we’re at it, there’s another myth that really gets my blood boiling.


Nope. Wrong again. If you’ve been hanging around my site for a while now, you probably know how I love to tell my students to zone in on a certain demographic. Rather than shout your services from the roof top, it’s always more profitable to know which doorbells to ring instead (quite literally). 

Once you understand this, you’ll see that many of my favorite niche demographics focus on those who most likely do not own their home outright. And ya know what? That’s okay! In fact, it’s even better for you!

Chances are, they’re having trouble keeping up with their mortgage.

Or they need to relocate fast.

Or they just want to get rid of their home ASAP. And profit is not their main motivator.

In other words, they’re willing to negotiate with you, leaving you with the power you need to secure those crazy-good deals.

I’ve seen so many newbie, mid-level, and experts investors overlook potential clients because there was still a mortgage on the home. It physically pains me to think of the profits this mistake has cost investors. Let me show you the right way to buy a home with an outstanding mortgage and put more money in your pocket! 

Let’s Get You Some Cake: 
Financing Negotiation &
Subject To Real Estate Negotiation

What’s your favorite cake? I’m a big fan of a classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Sometimes I even throw some sprinkles on there because I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity. But when it comes down to it, I like just about any kind of cake. And I love eating my cake and having it, too. 

Because I don’t listen to the rules. And neither should you.

It is possible to make DEALS and a PROFIT without selling your soul to the devil or engaging in unethical practices. I know because I do it every single damn day. And I love it. I love it so much that I put together the NO FLUFF Negotiation Acquisition System so that I could teach everyone else. 

As much as I love cake, I can’t eat all the cake in the world. It’s time to get your slice.

Order the NO FLUFF Owner Financing Negotiation Acquisition System today. You’ll be happier than a fat kid at a cake buffet.

Waiting sucks. That’s why I give you yo’ stuff RIGHT AWAY. Invest in your future, learn my strategies, and become awesome. Instantly.


WHAT IS INCLUDED: ( Twenty-one video training)
The Ultimate NO FluFF Seller Financing Negotiation Acquisition System



1.  Negotiation Seller Financing and Subject To in real estate business is a 2 step process dance, when dealing with motivated seller to buy their house at a deep discount or via owner financing.    
        Watch Video 

 2. The Step-by-Step OUTLINE of giving a Seller Financing offer to a real estate owner/seller 
        Watch Video 


3. SOFT OFFERS FOR SELELR FINANCING - Understand and using “Soft Offers’, so you can buy houses via owner financing or at a deep discount.   (Soft OFFERS are VERY IMPORTANT)
        Watch Video 




  1. SUPERHERO CLOSING OFFER & Negotiation for buying Seller Financing Properties 
    Watch Video 
  1. Logical Closing Offer & Negotiation  for buying Seller Financing Properties 
    Watch Video 
  1. Deadbeat Closing Offer  & Negotiation for buying Seller Financing Properties 
    Watch Video 
  1. Emotional Closing Offer & Negotiation  for buying Seller Financing Properties 
    Watch Video 
  1. Overcoming seller's objection my home is worth more than COMPS! Using the American Dream Offer. 
    Watch Video 
  1. Discover 2 magic Control-Levers in negotiation a Cash & Terms offers to get the deal & profit. 
    Watch Video 
  1. Important of choosing you words carefully nature words  
    Watch Video 
  1. Advance Techniques I Use To Give Offer To Real Estate Sellers for buying Seller Financing Properties 
    Watch Video 



UNDERSTANDING THE COST OF CLOSING for Seller Financing and Subject To Real Estate Investing (LINE PER LINE COST)
Watch Video 




  1. 2 deadly ways to KILL a Sale when Negotiating!
    Watch Video 

  1. Seller Rejects your offer, why you must follow-up the next day to score the deal!
    Watch Video 

  1. #1 Mistake Investors make when negotiating with MOTIVATED Sellers to buy their house.
    Watch Video 

  1. Hidden Ways a Seller Shows You They're Motivated
    Watch Video 




  1. OUTLINE: How To Give an Offer To A Home Seller
    Watch Video 


  1. WARNING: Giving the Real Estate Investor OFFER is the hardest part and here’s why
    Watch Video 


  1. Include a owner financing offer, with every cash-offer will increase Closing & it will save cash!
    Watch Video 


  1. How to give an offer to purchase: Cash and Creative Financing
    Watch Video 



       Watch Video 



  1. Detaching the Seller from their Situation & EGO as an Investor to profit big and get the deals
    Watch Video 
  1. Know 100% of your offers will be rejected STILL You'll cash-out big profits W/ Creative RE Investing
    Watch Video 
  1. LIVE CALL: Real Estate OFFER Negotiation
    Watch Video

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