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Seller Financing Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Subject To Existing Liens Real Estate Contract 

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What is a Seller Financing or Subject To Real Estate Investing Deal?

A "Seller Financing" or "Subject to real estate" or "Sub 2" deal is a type of creative financing where the home-seller deed's the property to you while leaving the existing underlying mortgage in place.  

There is no FORMAL assumption of the seller's-loan, you start making the payments as if you are the old-owner. 

There are many ways to structure a Seller Financing "Subject to" deal.  

I have bought Seller Financing and Subject to Real Estate deals for "rental homes" and I have bought subject 2 properties / deals for Fix-and-Flip.  

Therefore, The “Seller Financing” or "Subject To Investing" or "Owner Financing" method is my personal favorite way of buying houses.  

WHY...?  Because I am in total control of the Real Estate Transaction or Deal.

I am not at the mercy of the Mortgage company or banks, the title company, the inspector or the appraiser.  

Plus It is fast, simple, and relatively easy to negotiate with the motivated-home-sellers.

 1.)  Seller Financing/ Subject To Real Estate Investing Purchase Contract  

2.)  Education Training Video, where I show you how I fill out the Sub-2-Contract for my business.  Plus learn and understand the Nuts-and-Bolts of the agreement so you an explain it to the seller.

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