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Flipping Wednesday- free lead creation and filtering system for real estate investors

The Formula for Finding Motivated Home Owners in Your Local Backyard using my FREE Gorilla Marketing Methods for real estate investors buying Subject To Investing


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Seller Financing Training Course (Filmed)

Feeling overwhelmed with Seller Financing, Subject To Investing, Seller Carrey information overload? Feeling like the more you learn, the more confused you get about real estate seller financing investing?

If so, then you don’t want to miss this class! We take out the complex and the fluff and simplify the BIG Picture so you know the roadmap to Seller Financing Investing in easy steps with Subject To Investing aka "Taking Over House Payments"!

If you are ready to stop learning and consuming information, but you’re ready to take action, this is the place to be!

We will hold your hand, and help you score your Subject To Investing / Seller  Financing real estate properties / deal.

We will do it together, every step of the way!

Not only will we show you how Subject To Seller Financing works, but we will watch over your shoulder every step of the way, and tell you what to do, so you can win!

Flipping Wednesday is real estate seller financing subject to investing training course for real estate investors and real estate agents that want to find motivated sellers for free in their local city, without risking and spending money in marketing. 

The Real Estate Subject To Investing training teaches you the art of finding deals at a deep discount or owner finance  deals where the motivated Home Seller becomes the bank or lets you just take over the house payments.  Therefore, you do not need to get a Mortgage or borrow money from a bank  or hard money, and you don't need to use your credit as the homeowner will become your private lender by calling you to just take over payments and the deed/title will be in your name..

Take a look at what my student Avi, did in 8 weeks after training, while working 2 jobs.



 Includes: One Day,  2-hour Bootcamp Filmed, hands on training, where you actually roll up your sleeves and we do a deal live during the class.

BEST OF ALL, You will be able to do all of this from the comfort of your own computer, laptop, and smartphone.

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__Identifying the 3 key parts of Owner Financing real estate

__How to buy real estate without the bank and/or without using your credit

__Understanding the benefits of using Owner Financing

__Finding & Negotiating Wholesale Deals — Where to Look & Market

__Determining What a Deal is Worth

__Formulating the Right offer to ensure you do not overpay for a property

__Structuring the Deal

__Finding buyers to purchase your Owner Financing deals

__Different Exit Strategies to profit

__Communicating with Sellers — What questions to ask & how to Negotiate Price__Getting the Property Under Contract

__Using Contract “Escape Clauses” to minimize risk

__Finding & Negotiating with Rehabbers who will Buy Your Wholesale Deals

__Buying Properties with all Cash vs. Financing

__Closings— Tips to “Close the Deal” and Avoiding Closing Headaches down the line

__Title Issues

__Using an assignment & a double closing

__Understanding Market Cycles: When to Get In and When to Get Out

__Creating a personal action plan!

These are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in class.

We will show you how it’s done the smart way, using the newest technologies to save you time and money so you know what to look for, and what to avoid. You are getting it all, no fluff!


Do I Need Anything before I take this training?
• YES, You MUST have basic computer skills, and know how to get around your computer and use it.

• You must havebasiccomputer skills. How to use your operating system. How to copy & paste. How to switch between different applications. How to minimize and maximize...etc.  

How much money do I need for marketing, using this system?
Zero dollars!  We are using guerrilla marketing to create profits WITHOUT spending money on marketing!

Who is this real estatetraining for?
It's for real estate investors and real estate agents that want to find motivated sellers for FREE without spending money on marketing.  

For the investors, Fix and Flip, Landlords, Wholesaler this is diamond, because you're now able to buy a home sellers house at a deep discount or buy the houses with seller financing where NO bank or lender is needed.  Therefore, no credit is needed or required.

 For real estate agents, it helps you find seller listings for free without spending any money.

Is Flipping Wednesday good for New Investors?
Yes, absolutely! Flipping Wednesday was designed for new investors to help you get into this business without spending money and without getting a traditional debt from a bank!  

This course was designed to be simple but powerfully effective to get you results fast!  Plus it was designed to decrease your risk in investing, by working with home owners direct, and not getting a traditional bank loan or hard money loan.

Is Flipping Wednesday good for Pro Investors?
Yes, absolutely!  Professional investors can learn how to generate free leads in there local backyards.  Plus they can learn to systemize and scale their real estate business with my systems.

Buy now - $99.00