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Postcard Library has 66 Postcards/Letter tailored for each audience segment.Â
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The Ultimate Seller Financing PostcardMarketing Machine

Get the only comprehensive system and set of tools crafted by me from the ground up to transform your lead generation system from the “Feast-and-Famine-Guessing-Game” into a predictable, scalable, machine that sprays paydays at you like aÂ1920s rum-running gangster with a collection problem. Â


This system is the “Nitrous Oxide” in my acquisition engine, and I’m revealing it for the first time today… so you can quickly deploy it within your investment business and build wealth with a fraction of the effort.


So whether you’re in California, Texas, New York, the U.K., Australia, or any other English speaking country...  This machine will be the key to generating new motivated home sellers whenever you please… at a fraction of the cost.

This system indoctrinates potential sellers. That is the art of quickly building comfort with them and then establishing you as an authority… an expert who is the ONLY person who can sell their home properly… then it continues to indoctrinate them until they areÂfrothing at the mouth to sell their real estate to you...

The Ultimate Postcard Marketing Machine is the “plug and play” system you need to get qualified and motivated home sellers to line up and beg for the opportunity to sell you their home… at massive discounts… week after week…Âjust like I do. Â

This is a more sophisticated and less “salesy” way to communicate with your prospects that don't require you to bombard them with message after message


You See, There’s a Reason Why I Have such a Constant Flow of Deals… Which is 5X, 10X, Perhaps Even 15X More than the Average Real Estate Investor.

Why? Because I don’t waste time mailing the same ineffective postcards that most investors employ in their campaigns…. If I did, my flow of sellersÂwould wither and atrophy in a matter of weeks!

That’s why my Ultimate Postcard MarketingÂMachine is so critical to your success…because it is all about not only generating a flood of motivated sellers… AND educating your leads while simultaneously selling you as the only possible option to get their deal closed quickly and profitably.


This positioning transforms you into a motivated home seller MAGNET that relentlessly attracts one transaction after another…. Day after Day…Âlike clockwork… while you competition scratches their head in amazement… desperately trying to figure out your secret.


This “sellucational” approach is what makes them excited to receive your postcards in their mailbox. They will treat you like a welcome expert and will read, understand, and respond to your postcards...Âunlike most investorscommunications, whom they regard as annoying pests.


Best Part? They’ll sell to you because you’ve built a relationship with them…Âautomatically… by educating them on their options…. Because of that, they know you have their best interests at heart, and put real value within the offers you make.

This machine sure beats the hell out of the brute force campaigns…Âyou know the ones… where they send pitch after pitch…Âoffer after offer… until sellers start to ignore them, and throw everything they send DIRECTLY into the trash.

... resulting in them having to constantly chase people for new deals, negotiate away all of their profits because they seem desperate during negotiations. A brutal process… which after a few deals, will lead to them quitting, or living a life of deep frustration and stress. Â


My Ultimate Postcard Marketing Machine is going to help you avoid wasting a semi-truck full of money on completely useless systems such as that. ÂThis system will put you on my level of sophistication when it comes to generating qualified sellers…

Listen: the hardest part about real estate investment is getting qualified, motivated sellersÂto call you in large numbers... So you might as well learn everything you can about generating these same sellers with ease. Then you can sit back and receive call after call from motivated sellers and build wealth without risk.

Say goodbye to the days where you have to beat your head against the wall trying to get your next seller.

You’ll now have a “battle-proven” system you can use over and over again for the rest of your investment career… that’ll take all of the frustration and pain out of generating motivated sellers.


The Ultimate Postcard Marketing Machine is Comprised of Two Business-Critical Components:

The first is the ultimate postcard library.  This treasure trove is my private library of over 22 different money producing postcards… which have cracked the code on triggering your prospects to sell their home at jaw-dropping discounts.Â

With these custom tailored postcards, you can “fire and forget”... and simply sit back and watch as they attract one lucrative deal after another…Âweek after week.

This collection also includes a separate set of cutting edge laser-targeted postcards, which I have painstakingly engineered to target sellers during the periods of their life when they are most likely to sell their homes at deep discounts.

This is the main difference between my system and everyone else’s. Instead of you wasting time trying to sell everyone… you go after the 5% of sellers, who have the quickest, easiest, and most profitable transactions. They are the low hanging fruit.   Â

Within this machine, you will discover more than 14 of these little known niches. Each is literally a massive grove full of money trees with low hanging fruit ripe for the picking.


Specifically, these are the most profitable niches I’ve discovered during my 15+ year career in real estate investment.  Each one of these niches is like an oil well just waiting to be tapped. Once you do, it’s going spay sellers at you faster than you ever dreamed possible.


Targeting These Niches is the Key to Closing Deal after Deal…Âwith a Fraction of the Effort so You Can Build Wealth Without Risk!

Just targeting one of these niches is enough to produce the kind of deal flow that will keep your busy for weeks.  Why? These niches normally are routinely ignored by 98% of real estate investors!ÂThey’re too busy mailing everyone with a pulse…Âa critical mistake that virtually guarantees they’ll never join the top 5% of income earners.

If you choose to target all 14 niches… you can quickly experience a “capacity problem” in your investment business.


Specifically, there can be many more people trying to sell you their home than you have time to close. Using this easy to implement system to quickly reach this point is ideal… because your weekly profits will jump up to the next level.

Why?  At this point, you can choose to only move forward with the “Diamond Deals.” Diamond Deals are the top tier deals with largest profit margins. Targeting these deals only will allow you to build wealth much more quickly with only a fraction of the effort.

Speaking of Diamond Deals…


The second component of this machine is my blueprint for easily getting this system online and so you can start closing Diamond Deals as quickly as possible.

Also within this blueprint, you will get a masterclass in targeting and deeply understanding the 14 most productive motivated seller niches… which includes my “sell triggers.” These sales techniques will allow you to get the deal under contract with ease… even if you’ve never sold before.

This One Class by Itself isÂWorth At least SEVEN TIMESthe Price of This Entire Machine…

Imagine how much carefree your life would be if you never had to worry about finding a seller again… and the best part? You won’t have to deal with pain in the ass sellers anymore… because you’ll no longer have to entertainÂjust anyone who shows an interest in selling you their home... That’s a recipe for freedom, abundance, and happiness.


So for less than what most people spend on their Starbucks addiction each month… you could have home sellers lined up and begging for the opportunity to sell you their home at a tremendous discount...Âso you can automatically and easily build wealth with a fraction of the effort.


This is your time to finally stop “spinning your wheels” and find a success system that works for you.  A system which will allow you to have a life where you no longer have to “bang your head against the wall” trying to figure how to get more qualified sellers. Â

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Postcard Library has 66 Postcards/Letter tailored for each audience segment.Â

BUY NOW - $19.00