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Congrats on Your Real Estate Investing Business but You’re Doing It Wrong. You Need This First.


Drop and give me 39! Well, 39 real estate "Subject To Investing" marketing ideas, that is. What’s that? You don’t know 39 Seller Financing  Marketing real estate ideas? Then drop and give me 39 push-ups while I go over a few important facts with you.

  1. I have 39 real estate Seller Financing marketing ideas. (Subject To Marketing)
  2. I like to help real estate investors and agents with my 39 real estate Seller Financing marketing ideas.
  3. Some of my ideas require money, but some are also free (that means you can do them RIGHT NOW).
  4. I’m offering my 39 real estate Subject To marketing ideas to investors and agents who want to make money with "Taking Over House Payments"
  5. I can do more push-ups than you.

Why’d you get up? Do more push-ups while I go over some really important methods and philosophies with you. Because when it comes down to it, you need more than boring and traditional marketing strategies and outlooks to make it in today’s real estate market. Â

The Alchemy Formula 


SellerÂFinancing & Subject To Real Estate & Seller Carry Financing

Did you know I’m a scientist as well as an awesome real estate investor? For reals. I spend my weekends hanging out in the basement trying to invent the next big thing. I’ve only started a handful of fires. But this hobby of mine has helped me develop my world-famous Alchemy Formula for succeeding in America.Â

As a refugee to this country, I have first-hand experience in living out the American dream. I came here with nothing. I suffered but fought my way through. From my nothing, I developed something. And that something has grown into the unstoppable business I have today.

Here's how most people, whether they were born in America or made the move here, go about finding success. They:

  1. Write up a business plan and borrow money, either from a bank, through credit cards, or from their own savings.
  2. Set up their location, buy inventory or prepare their services, and open the doors.
  3. Start marketing.

But there is a huge flaw in this formula. As we would say in the science world, my qualitative observation has concluded that the variables in this formula will most certainly lead to a negative outcome (in other words – nope, this crap isn’t gonna work).Â

The problem is that by the time they get to the third and final step, they’re out of money. They’re out of energy. And they have so much on the line, they’re scared sh*tless.Â

And what’s even worse is they don’t even know who to market to or how to go about it. They have everything they need but no one to sell to. This is why such a large percentage of new businesses fail. And they fail hard. Their formula is ass-backwards.

My Alchemy Formula goes as follows. Stop writing your business plan. Don’t bother buying office chairs or inventory just yet. What you need to do first is…MARKET!Â

I know what you’re saying. How do you market without a fancy desk and a reclining office chair? If you don’t market before getting a fancy desk and a reclining office chair, you’re an idiot. You’ll be selling your fancy desk and reclining office chair in a few months when your company goes under. Ask any failed business owner if they had a desk. Then ask them if they had customers. I’m willing to bet I know the answers.

Pieces of paper with your cute little plans don’t matter. A desk with a drawer made especially for paper clips doesn’t matter. PEOPLE matter. Especially in the real estate industry.

This is where my 39 NO FLUFF Real Estate Seller Financing Marketing Bootcamp (Subject To Real Estate) comes into play. In case you’re a little unsure of why I gave it this title, it’s a bootcamp where you’ll learn 39 no fluff real estate marketing tips.

In other words, it’s an intense course. I don’t waste time (yours or mine). I get right to business explaining my marketing tips. My passion for the material is obvious.

My tips are what I like to call “no fluff”. You might have come across other real estate investors claiming to know marketing secrets, only for them to throw the traditional and basic crap ideas at you. You know, the stuff a monkey would come up with if you gave him a briefcase, a tie, and called him a real estate marketer.

My ideas will set you apart from the rest. Want to know how I know? Because these are the exact marketing tips I’ve used to grow my business. And I promise, you do not have a fancier reclining office chair than I do. Â

Information Overload Syndrome

How do boats get from one docking station to the next? Propellers. Without propellers, you would be stuck rowing your boat, exhausting yourself, while making slow, and not always steady, progress. If you were headed against the stream, you might not make any progress at all. So it should go without saying that you need to find propellers for your real estate investing business if you really want to go the distance. If you’re still using oars, you’re not ready yet for what I bring to the table, trust me.

I’ve located three propellers in my business and if you wish to experience the same level of success, I suggest doing the same. My three propellers are as follows:

  1. Lead Generation Propeller: Generating your list of names/addresses that could potentially turn into clients.
  2. Conversion Propeller: Turning a lead into a client, or securing a deal.
  3. Exit Strategy Propeller: Deciding what to do with your property (i.e. rent it, update and sell)

Just as like on a boat, your Real Estate Investing Business propellers will need maintenance from time to time to make sure they’re taking your business in the right direction. But here’s the problem I’ve come across when my students locate their propellers. They start maintaining the wrong ones.Â


They start with the Exit Strategy Propeller. They want to know their options and which will provide them with the biggest payday. They envision themselves flipping a home and cashing a huge check. But when they realize they first need an investment property, they turn to the Conversion Propeller so that they can figure out how to finalize a deal. Only then do they finally start to consider the Lead Generation Propeller. But now they’re overwhelmed and drowning because they focused on the wrong propellers, hit an iceberg, and are clinging to an inflatable life vest with a hole in it.


You can’t do a damn thing in this industry until you have PEOPLE. There are tons of houses out there. We know that. But unless you know how to find the people in those houses, and the ones who actually want to sell you a house, you’re just wasting your time out there.


So start by focusing on the Lead Generation Propeller. In my 39 NO FLUFF Real Estate Marketing Bootcamp, I’ll explain exactly how to find your leads and how to weed out the ones who aren’t ready to make a deal with you just yet.Â

Bonus Tip: The bigger the propeller, the faster your boat goes. But if only one is bigger than the others, your boat can actually become less efficient. So while I always recommend focusing on one propeller at a time, and only as you need it, don’t put all your time, energy, and money into only one propeller. Upgrade them simultaneously.Â

Time for a Gut Check


What’s in your gut? Determination? Motivation? Or do you have a big old belly full of fear? If so, you’re not alone. Most of my students reek of fear. Seriously, I have to plug my nose. But luckily, I know how to wash the stench away and help wannabe real estate investors put their fear aside and take action.

Remember that real estate investor that gave up because he was scared? Yeah. Me neither.


Fear sucks. But if you know what to do with your fear, you can actually use it to motivate you. The first thing you need to do is understand where your fear is coming from. We aren’t born with fear. We’re born with instincts. But when we allow our instincts to determine our feelings instead of our actions, fear can begin to manifest.

Scared you won’t know how to speak to a potential client?

Scared you’ll look like an idiot at a closing?

Scared that you’ll be discovered as a fraud because you have no freaking clue what you’re doing?


Seriously, guys. These are common fears in our industry. I would be worried if you weren’t scared at least a little. Fear means you’re breathing. It means your heart is beating. It means you’re ALIVE. It’s actually a gift.


Think of the real estate industry as a ladder. Oh, and you’re terrified of heights. Would you focus on the top at first? Or maybe focus on just the bottom rung? This is how you need to approach your real estate education. While you want to know everything you can about the industry, information overload can plant the seed of fear in your soul.Â

The more you learn, the more scenarios your brain can throw together. These scenarios can quickly take a negative turn, and leave you fearful of a future event that you don’t even know will happen.


Instead of focusing on reaching the top of the ladder, focus on each rung. What do you need to do to get through the next step? In the case of real estate, you need to start with lead generation. You don’t need to know how to sign a contract or how to make an offer. You’re not at this stage yet. Focus on generating leads, nurturing them, and learning how to transform a cold lead into a warm prospect. Learn all there is to know about this step.

Let’s Get Real for a Minute


I sell a ton of products on my website. I know how to help real estate investors do just about everything there is to do in the industry. I’ve helped countless mediocre investors conquer their business goals in record time.Â


But if I had to choose one product that means the most to me, it would be this one. My 39 NO FLUFF Seller Financing Real Estate Marketing Bootcamp is my baby. This bootcamp is how I got started. Every time I talk about it, I feel myself transported back in time, when I was struggling to grow my business. I didn’t know where my next paycheck would come from and to be honest, I was freaking the f*ck out. It’s okay to freak out. In fact, it shows that you have enough common sense to know that this isn’t easy and you might not figure it all out.Â

My 39 NO FLUFF Real Estate Seller Financing Marketing Bootcamp is all about learning how to find the motivated sellers you need so that you never have to worry about where your next mortgage payment is coming from. It allows you to plan for the future, enjoy more time with your family, and grow your real estate investing business in ways you never though imaginable.


Stop waiting for clients to come to you. They won’t.

Stop waiting for your big break. It’s up to you.

Stop wasting time. You’re not getting any more of it.


If you’re ready to combine my above philosophies with real Seller Financing  and Subject To andÂSeller carry financing marketing ideas that will get you noticed, click the button above. You’ll be able to start your video training right away and can start implementing some of my creative marketing ideas TODAY. Tell your fear to take the day off. You’re in control now.



P.S. You can stop with the push-ups now. But it wouldn’t hurt you to do some more tomorrow. Your arms are looking a little weak and you’re going to need some major muscle to carry all those house keys you’re gonna have soon.

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