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20 Buyer Classified Marketing Flyers for Online and Print Use– Guaranteed to Generate Maximum Free Leads for Your Owner Finance Real Estate Business

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Buyer Flyer Ads for Owner Financing Deals as real estate investors


Your one-time purchase will unlock a treasure chest of tools you can use to grow your business. This package is one of the first I recommend to new students because it includes a great product, detailed training, and an awesome bonus. No need to check your eye site – you really are getting everything listed below!

1.) 20 professionally copy-written Real Estate Seller FinancingBuyer Marketing Flyers for your online and print marketing in a convenient PDF file

  • All of the included flyers have three different titles so that you can customize as needed. No one will know you’re using a template.
  • All my flyers are designed with a specific type of buyer in mind. This boosts your chances of making a sale.
  • Every flyer is professional and well-written. Everything is designed to push buyers to connect with you.
  • You don’t need to be a designer to use my flyers. Just put in your personal company information and you’re good to go!
  • Once you’re good to go, you can start posting ads online and on your company website. Marketing has never been so easy
  • You can also print your flyers and use them for targeted guerrilla marketing.

2.) Free Video Training (SellerFinancing Marketing Ads)

  • I don’t like to be boring. That’s why I love offering video training. You’ll get to see my passion for investing up close and personal.
  • Learn how to fill out the Seller Phone Script through my training. I’ll show you exactly how so that you always say the right thing at the right time to potential buyers.
  • My training also shows you how to find MOTIVATED buyers so that you’re never wasting your marketing efforts. Never sit on a house for longer than necessary ever again! Oh, and did I mention I’ll show you how to find them for FREE?
  • This training never expires so you can always come back for a refresher course when needed.

3.) Bonus Item – “Seller Financing Database Excel Sheet”

  • I love presents, which is why I’m giving this bonus to you. It will help you stay organized and find potential buyers when you’re ready for your exit strategy.
  • Keep a list of potential buyers on hand so that you always have a list of leads to market to.
  • Stay on top of your marketing efforts so that you know what’s bringing in potential buyers and what’s not.
  • You’ll know what’s going on with your mail-out marketing so that potential buyers always come to you first.
  • When you combine all of these tips, you’ll have the power to SELL MORE HOMES!

This perfect little package gives you everything you need to boost your marketing to new heights. My targeted Seller Financing Marketing ads will draw Seller Financing BUYERS to you like moths to a flame. Draw them closer by saying exactly what they need to hear and then follow-up until it’s time for them to sign on the dotted line.

Unless you have more sales than you can handle (why are you wasting time here then?), you need this package. Considering it costs less than an evening at the movies, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. The only thing you have to lose is your empty schedule. Fill it with closings instead

Buy Now - $19.00